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Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts, Term Share Accounts, Holiday Accounts, and more!

We all know it's important to save when we can. Our goal, each and every day, is to help you make the most of your money—for today and for the future.

Opening a Main Share savings account is your first step to becoming a member of our credit union, but it's also a step toward smart financial planning. We also offer Term Share Accounts (formerly called Certificate of Deposit), High Yield Savings Accounts (Money Market Accounts), Holiday Club Accounts, and more!

Explore which accounts are right for you. To open a savings account visit any branch location, or call 520-794-8341 or toll free 800-253-8245 (Outside Tucson).

Main Share Account
Daily Savings Account
Term Share Account
Youth Term Share Account
Holiday Club Account
You Name It Savings Account
High Yield Account

Main Share Account

When you open a Main Share savings account, you've just created your share in the credit union, which stays in the account, earns dividends and maintains your membership. A Main Share account is required in order to be a member of our credit union.

Open the account with either $50, or open it with a zero balance and take the next six (6) months to bring your balance up to $50.

The account is subject to Regulation D, which allows a maximum of pre-authorized six (6) withdrawals per month. If you need to use your savings account often, you may want to open a Daily Savings Account.

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Daily Savings Account

Our Daily Savings account is designed for members who want regular access to their savings account. With this account, you may access your funds at ATMs and point-of-sale machines whenever you need with no limitations. Withdrawals and transfers are not subject to Regulation D withdrawal restrictions.

You can also use your Daily Savings account as your overdrawn protection for your checking account. We recommend this account be used as the second source of overdrawn protection following the Line of Credit (LOC).

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Term Share Account (CD)

Term Share Accounts (formerly called Certificate of Deposit) offer you higher dividend rates. Term shares have terms of 6, 12, 24, 29 and 36 months.

TERM Share Account

Minimum balance $1,000. Rates on this account are competitive, and dividends are compounded daily and credited monthly.

Mini-Jumbo Term Share Account

Minimum balance $50,000. Enjoy higher dividend rates on this account for having a bigger balance.

Jumbo Term Share Account

Minimum balance $99,000. Rates on these accounts are the highest offered on our term accounts.

There is a substantial penalty for early (premature) withdrawal of Term Share Account funds. Please contact us for current rates or more information.


Youth Term Share Account (CD)

Start saving early in life with a Youth Term Share Account (formerly called Certificate of Deposit) — for young members up to age 17. Hughes is committed to helping youth become knowledgeable, responsible managers of their own finances.

  • Available in 6, 12, 24 and 36 month terms
  • Minimum balance of just $100

Check out our Kids & Teens page for information on our Kids and Teen clubs.

There is a substantial penalty for early (premature) withdrawal of Term Share Account  funds. Please contact us for current rates or more information.


Holiday Club Account

Our Holiday Club Account helps you save for that often-expensive time of the year. Simply sign up for direct deposit and start preparing for the next holiday season. The funds are transferred to your checking or savings account on October 1.

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"You Name It" Account

Name your goal, we'll help you meet it. Have a dream vacation? Planning to buy a new car? Use our "You Name It" account and name it whatever you want to keep you motivated and saving. The name you select will appear on your statement and online banking so you can easily track your progress.

We encourage you to also explore MatriMoney, GradFunds and My First Account.

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High Yield Savings Account (Money Market Account)

Grow your savings with our High Yield Savings Account (similar to a Money Market Account). A minimum deposit of $1,000 earns dividends comparable to money market rates. We offer three accounts – High Yield, Premium Yield and Ultimate Yield. As with all Hughes Federal Credit Union accounts, your deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to at least $250,000.

  • Open a High Yield Account with a minimum balance of $1,000
  • Open a Premium Yield Account with a minimum balance of $75,000
  • Open an Ultimate Yield Account with a minimum balance of $150,000

While you have your savings in one of our high yield accounts, you'll be able to maintain access to your funds as needed. You can continue to grow your account with deposits of any amount. For your convenience, set up direct deposit or have funds automatically deposited into those accounts for any amount. The account can be closed at any time without penalty.

Withdrawals made on High Yield, Premium Yield, or Ultimate Yield accounts must be at least $500. Click here for a copy of the Share Accounts Information and Disclosures booklet. Copies are also available by calling us or visiting any branch. To open your account, call a Member Service Representative at 520-794-8341 or email us with your request.

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