The Payment Method for Busy People

With PayFast, you can make a payment online or by phone with your checking account OR with your Visa debit card at another financial institution.

Pay Your Hughes Loans

  • Vehicle Loan
  • Line of Credit
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Summer/Holiday Loan
  • Credit Cards (see details below)

To Make a Loan Payment

You will need your Hughes member number and loan number, as well as the routing number and your checking account number (or your Visa debit card) from your other financial institution.

routing number and account number

Use PayFast ONLINE

Or pay by phone at 866-312-4818.

Credit Card Payments

To pay your Hughes credit card bill with PayFast, call 866-820-3941.
NOTE: Visa debit card option is not available at this time for credit card payments.

Additional Information

  • There is a $4.95 convenience fee for PayFast
  • All other loan payment methods are still available
  • Registration is only accepted on the primary member on the account (no joint member payments)
  • Payment cutoff time is 6pm ET and the payment will post the next business day
  • Payments can take up to one business day from the time you enter the transaction to post to your account
  • If you requested confirmation via email, the confirmation will be emailed to you
  • Once you receive the tracking number, the payment cannot be reversed or canceled
  • Payment amounts can be up to $2,500
  • PayFast loan payments made online can be postdated for one week in advance. Payments made by phone are credited within one business day

Loan Payoff Information

Do not use PayFast to payoff vehicle loans in full because it may result in a 90 day delay in receiving your title. Titles can be received within 10 days of payoff by contacting Hughes Federal Credit Union directly.

NOTE: Hughes Federal Credit Union is not responsible for payments posted incorrectly due to invalid information.