May 12, 2020

5 Reasons to Switch to eStatements

paper statements on a desk

Every month statements are sent in the mail that end up cluttering desks and countertops. Credit card companies, financial institutions and lenders are among those who mail these to you every month in order to recover payments and to provide you with a report on the status of your accounts. Not only can they be stressful to have around, but they also end up everywhere in your home. Why not simplify your life by going digital? It’s the fast, safe and easy way to get organized and stay on top of your finances. Here are a few reasons why Hughes makes it easy to switch over to eStatements.

Declutter – Reduce the amount of paper you receive every month and stay organized. No more sifting through bins and boxes of old paperwork, or misplacing documents. You will have access to the past 18 months of records electronically simply by logging in to online banking.

24/7 access – You’ll be able to download your statements anytime, anywhere. You can save your PDF document on your personal computer or print it when needed.

Eco-friendly – By making the switch to eStatements you’ll be reducing the use of paper waste and making a positive impact on the environment. By saving trees you’re decreasing greenhouse gases and saving our planet.

Safest option – Your information is safe and protected under Hughes’ encrypted servers. In order to access your account information and banking statements, you must log in using your username and password. Reduce the risk of mail fraud and identity theft and choose the safest option for your banking records.

Faster delivery – No more waiting for mail to get delivered. You’ll receive a notification when your eStatement is available for viewing. This fast and free service is accessible to everyone who banks with Hughes Federal Credit Union as follows:

  • Checking and Certificate accounts are compounded daily and available monthly.
  • Savings and IRA accounts are compounded daily and available quarterly.

How to access your eStatements:

  • Log in to online banking by visiting
  • Click on eStatements (allow pop-ups first)
  • Click on Documents > View Statements & Notices
  • Choose your document type and document date (up to 18 months prior)
  • Download, print or save.

Why stop there? Digitize your life by switching over to paperless billing, auto pay, auto transfers and Zelle®. Digitalize your wallet with Hughes!