Feb 11, 2020

Don’t Go Anywhere Without Your EMV Capable Cards


EMV—which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa—has become the global standard for chip enabled cards and comes fully equipped with consumer protection capabilities. This technology is used to authenticate transactions using encrypted details, which safeguard your information. All Hughes credit and debit cards have this security feature.

Traditional cards that don’t have an EMV chip only have a magnetic stripe that can be easily replicated and compromised. Look for the small golden square on your card: this is what protects you from becoming a victim of fraudsters.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Look in your wallet, if you are still using a Hughes debit card that does not have the chip on the front, come in for an instant issued EMV enabled card.
  • Once you have your new card, destroy your old magnetic-stripe only card to avoid having it fall into the wrong hands.

Hughes Branches Are Equipped with Instant Issue Debit Card Printers! 

All Hughes members should have received their brand new EMV enabled cards.

If you haven’t received yours, please stop by one of our convenient Tucson locations (except Voyager) to have an EMV enabled card printed for you - on the spot! Not only will you walk away with a fully activated, ready to use card, but you will also get to keep your same card number.

Another reason to switch over

Our instant issue debit cards are sporting a new look! The name and number have been moved to the back in order to keep your information out of plain sight! No more embossed and lifted numbers, allowing for a sleek and smooth design.

Activate your card today!

Out of town? Not to worry! Give us a call at 520-794-8341 to have your card sent to you right away.