Jan 21, 2020

Visualize Your Financial Goals for 2020 and Don’t Let Go

Four stacks of change with the numbers 2, 0, 2, 0. Person holding up the second 2.

Do you have a plan for 2020? Everyone starts the year with a list of resolutions they wish to accomplish, but the majority won’t make it past the first month. Don’t let that be you, now is the perfect time to build a plan that is sure to guarantee results.

Start Small 

Avoid breaking your financial new year’s resolutions by having a plan that includes both long term and short-term goals. By achieving shorter goals at a steady pace, you’ll be well on your way to reaching financial prosperity. Remember, even the smallest adjustment can reap in big rewards. Don’t get discouraged by a large price tag. Break down any amount by month or by week and you’ll soon learn that even the biggest budget is easily achievable. Make a list and check off each item, it’ll give you the push that you need to get to the finish line. 

Stay Motivated

Visualize yourself achieving success and enjoying the goal you have in mind. If a vacation of a lifetime is the plan for this year, then imagine yourself on the beach whenever possible. Add physical reminders of your goal to your home, office space and other aspects of your personal life. These small reminders will help inspire you to not give up. Whether that means watching TV shows about vacation destinations, learning how to cook a meal native to the beach you wish to visit or hanging up a picture of the ocean you’ll soon swim in. Consider opening a You Name It savings account at Hughes. Name the account whatever you want and use it to exclusively save for your goal. The name you choose will appear on your statement and online banking so you can easily track your account.

Adjust and Readjust

Don’t be afraid to assess as you go. Growth takes careful planning but also frequent re-calibration. Reevaluate your goals as you go and extend or shorten them as needed. It’ll help you stay in control and will encourage you to keep going. Remember to also talk about your goals. Mentioning them will hold you accountable and will make them real to you and to others – who knows, maybe a friend might want to join you!

Having goals is important but so is your mental health. Don’t let the stress of keeping up with a resolution from affecting your life, instead remain both flexible and understanding. Be patient and don’t allow yourself to become frustrated at the first sign of trouble. As always, remember that you are not alone, our financial experts are always available to help you reach your dreams.