Oct 9, 2018

Hughes Platinum Visa Card Named One of the 10 Best Credit Union Credit Cards of 2018

CardRates.com blog header - couple with credit card at laptop

Combining low rates with personalization gave the Hughes Visa® Platinum Card a top spot in CardRates.com’s “10 Best Credit Union Credit Cards of 2018.”

With large national banks facing issues with consumer trust, CardRates.com, an online financial resource aimed at educating consumers on credit cards, focused on the differences between banks and credit unions and recognized the Hughes Platinum Visa® credit card for features that have helped give it an edge over big bank offerings: its low interest rate and card design feature.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice personalization just because you want a card with a great low interest rate,” says Carla Craig, VP Operation Support. “Hughes is always looking to provide options for customization across all of our products and services, so we’re happy to hear that we’ve been recognized for giving our members the option to make something their own.”

Besides its customization feature, CardRates.com also highlighted the Hughes Platinum Visa credit card’s low interest rate, no annual fee and limits of up to $25,000.

“Hughes is dedicated to making a positive difference in the financial lives of our members and that means offering better products and better services,” says Craig. “The Hughes Platinum Visa card is a card that works for you. No-gimmicks, just savings upfront and this recognition confirms that our dedication to that mission.”

Some credit cards make you spend to save, having you swipe your card every month to earn reward points, but the Hughes Visa® Platinum Card gets you straight to the savings. No gimmicks, just a low rate upfront.

Take advantage of the savings potential that the Hughes Visa Platinum Card affords its holders. Apply for one today!