Jul 17, 2018

5 Mobile Apps for Saving Time and Money

mobile apps

Life is all about doing more of the things you love, so why not utilize your smartphone to help you save time and money to do just that? Check out these 5 mobile apps you can download today that can help you keep more of your cash while reducing time spent researching.

Coupon Sherpa

If you love to save but hate searching your junk mail for coupons, Coupon Sherpa is here to rescue from having to use your scissors. With an aim to make couponing easier, the Coupon Sherpa mobile app lets you search and browse in-store and online offers from thousands of retailers. Simply search and select your offer and show your phone at checkout. Easy-peasy.


Ever bought something only to find out that another retailer was selling that same item at a much lower cost? ShopSavvy can help you avoid regret on your next purchase by searching thousands of retailers and offering you a price comparison. How? Simply scan the barcodes and it’ll get to searching, delivering the results in just seconds. 


Save time, money and do all your grocery planning all in one place with BigOven. Yes, you have access to thousands of recipes but the neat thing about BigOven is that it helps you come up with a recipe using the ingredients already in your fridge. Just give it three ingredients and BigOven will let you know what you can cook up.


Are you spending too much time on Facebook? Need to make more time to get that project done? Know where you’re spending most of your time and put it to better use with the time-tracking app, RescueTime. If you’d like to get more work done and avoid distractions, RescueTime can help by sending you alerts when you’re spending too much on a task and even temporarily block you from your favorite procrastination site. 

Benefits Plus®

From cash back on travel to consumer protection, the Benefits Plus® Mobile App gives you access to deals from various retailers and service providers both local and nationwide. With their Good As Gold Guarantee, you never have to worry about whether or not you’re getting the best deal on travel. You can also save on gift cards, theme park admissions, movie tickets and more!

While the deals and discounts offered by Benefits Plus® are available only to Hughes Checking PLUS account holders, you can give the discount program a try for FREE for 90 days!