Dec 1, 2017

3 Games to Teach Your Teen About Finances

games about finance

It's never too early to start talking money!

We know that learning about money is important, but it's not always easy to get a teenager to listen. We asked our San Miguel High School intern, Adam to find three worthwhile and FUN online games that can help teach teens about money and these are his top 3 choices! 

The Uber Game 

The Uber Game is just what it sounds like and I'm obsessed! In this Oregon Trail style simulation, you play as an Uber Driver with a goal of making enough money to pay your mortgage at the end of the month. The game is based on decisions you make, affecting your day, rating and the amount of money used for daily expenses. The decisions range from deciding to clean your car before your Uber shift to whether or not you should purchase a phone mount. You're able to make money from giving rides and taking "quests" to earn a bonus within an allotted time (just like a real life Uber driver). I made just enough money for my mortgage with $39 dollars to spare, which made me want to go back and play again for a better score! I rate the game's difficulty at a 7/10 while playing at the most difficult level. How will you fare as an Uber driver?  Try it out here.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a fun game and I was happy to find something that reminded me of one of my first money memories! This game is simple and there's no real end goal, but it's still entertaining. As a player you make decisions on pricing, advertising and how many cups of lemonade to make and sell. The game is like an arcade game where you only aim for a high score (your profit within 30 days). Your profit depend on factors like weather, pricing and advertising so the more you play, the more informed you are about your "business decisions." I was only able to make $32.17 by the end of the month, which reminded me of a real life let down as an actual lemonade stand owner as a kid. I rate the game's difficulty at a 4/10 and think it would be appropriate for younger gamers too. Can you make the right decisions to run this small classic business?

Road Trip to Savings 

Road Trip to Savings was a fun challenge where the main goal is to manage spending! The player collects icons that represent jobs to make more money while avoiding other traps that represent spending money. You also have to remember to budget for gas and car insurance! This game is seriously challenging and it's something I could see myself playing on a regular basis. I rate the game's difficulty at a 9/10, just enough to be motivated to play more while not getting too frustrated. I haven't been able to pass level two, can you? Play Road Trip to Savings Here.   

Recently I've been wondering what my first job will be and hope that I'll be a responsible saver and spender. I recently took this Jumpstart Reality Check survey and found out just how much money I'll need to make once I'm out in the "real world." It was very interesting and opened my eyes to some reality of what it might be like to support yourself. I've been sharing it with my friends along with these financial education games and everyone has enjoyed it. Check it out for yourself here

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Hughes Federal Credit Union Marketing and Business Development team with high school intern/internet game tester Adam (red shirt).