Vacation Property Line of Credit

Let your vacation home work for you.

Let your equity work for you.

A vacation property can provide you with an excellent source of income. Pull the equity you’ve accumulated in your property and borrow to pay for things such as upgrades, renovations, consolidating debt or paying your taxes.

Features & Benefits

  • Borrow $10,000 to $50,000 or up to 80% of the appraised value
  • No interest until you start using the funds
  • Flexible terms available up to 20 years
  • No prepayment penalty


  • 8.00% APR*
    Vacation Property Line of Credit
Effective Date: 02-20-2020

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The maximum APR, for any type of loan, shall not exceed the limit set by applicable law(s). The loan rate will be the rate in effect when the loan is completed.

For members with approved credit. Minimum monthly payment will be interest only, amortized over loan term applicable to outstanding balance.  There are no prepayment penalties. Eligible property includes single-family, secondary residence, vacation homes or investment (rental) properties (located in AZ ONLY).

Adjustable Rate: The index is based on the quarterly average of the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as stated on the first (1st) work day of each month within the calendar quarters beginning with January, April, July and October (“the Index”) plus a margin. On Rental/Vacation Property Loans, the rate shall be determined by using the Index plus a margin of 3.0% and adjusted upward to the nearest 0.250%. The APR shall be subject to modification and adjustment any quarter hereafter until this loan is fully paid and discharged and shall not exceed the maximum interest rate “cap” of 18%, whichever is less, and shall not decline below the minimum interest rate of 5%. NMLS #411592.

Rates and terms are subject to change at any time. Please contact a Credit Union employee for further information.

Why Vacation Property Line of Credit ?

Let your vacation home work for you.

Easy Application Process

Easy Application Process

Skip the branch visit and apply online!

Flexible Terms

Up to 240 months  (20 years)

No Prepayment Penalties Icon

No prepayment penalties

Go ahead. Pay off your loan early!


Vacation Property Line of Credit Frequently Asked Questions