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We go beyond the everyday needs to provide our members with extras. Did you know you can buy a gift card through us, or get free credit score analysis? Explore our additional services below.

Free Credit Score Enhancement
Safe Deposit Box 
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Know where your credit stands

Knowing your credit score is essential in managing finances. It's also a way of monitoring your personal credit security.

Without a cost to you, we can analyze your credit report for fraud detection and any score enhancement opportunities. We'll arm you with the information you need to improve your score and how to even lower loan payments.

See a member service representative at any of our branches. Please bring a valid picture ID and allow 30 minutes. You can call ahead for an appointment at any branch by calling 520-794-8341.

Keep valuables secure in a Hughes safe deposit box

When you need a truly safe, private place to keep valuables, such as jewelry, stocks, bonds, marriage or birth certificates and other essential documents, consider getting a safe deposit box at one of our locations. Safe deposit boxes are available at our Wetmore, Cortaro, Hermans Road, Speedway, Pantano and Thornydale branches. 

Your items will be kept in a maximum-security vault with complete privacy. Only the key holder has access to the box, with proper signature.

Safe deposit box annual rental rates

Effective APRIL 1, 2018

Deposit Box SizeAnnual Cost ($)

3" x 5" x 24"


5" x 5" x 24"


3" x 10" x 24"


5" x 10" x 24"


10" x 10" x 24"


Key deposit


Boxes are subject to availability. Prices subject to change upon notification to members.

  • Pay for your box by having the fee automatically deducted from your savings or checking account. Box rentals are paid annually.
  • There is a $20 key deposit at the time of rental. Your deposit will be refunded upon return of both keys when closing your box.
  • The loss of both keys will result in an additional $130 fee to have the box drilled open. You may want to keep the keys in separate locations for safekeeping.
  • Current tax laws may allow safe deposit box rent to be tax deductible if the contents are income-producing (for example, U.S. savings bonds) and you itemize your deductions. Consult a tax advisor regarding your qualified deductions.
  • The National Credit Union Administration does not insure safe deposit boxes.

Gift cards: better than cashVisaGiftCards

When you're thinking about giving someone cash for a special occasion, consider a Hughes gift card instead. We have several designs to choose from and a card can be replaced if lost or stolen. They can used anywhere Visa® is accepted.

Choose whatever amount you want to give. Gift cards are available at all branches and can be loaded in amounts from $20 to $500 for a fee of $3.95 per card.

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Join our VIP Club 

Our VIP Club is for members who are retired and age 50 or better. After years of hard work, you can receive additional financial benefits during the golden years that can make all the difference in the world. 

  • Free American Express® Traveler's Checks (Traditional checks)
  • Free Money Orders and Official Checks
  • Free photocopy service (20 copies per month)
  • Customized checks with the VIP Club logo

To learn more, click on our VIP Club Brochure for more information. 

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