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Digital Banking

Get Started with Digital BankingWith Hughes you’ll enjoy convenient digital banking solutions, all in one place. Log in today to access your accounts, process transactions and plan your financial future. Featuring myHUB: Hughes Unified BankingCombine and view your Hughes and non-Hughes financi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Digital Banking FAQsHere are some commonly asked questions we receive. If you don't find it here, use the Search bar above. What is myHUB? Hughes Unified Banking, or myHUB, allows you to sync your financial accounts in order to track, monitor and learn from your finances in one convenient, user-frie

Contact Us

We're Here to Help Secure Email FormContact us safely and securely. Please allow up to two (2) business days for a response. For immediate attention, call or stop by your local branch.Send Secure Email Phone Number – Member Contact Center520-794-8341Please have your Member Number and Phone Acc

Digital Banking Launch

A New Digital Banking Experience Introducing myHUB myHUB: Hughes Unified Banking Hughes is revolutionizing the way you interact with your finances. Using the latest technologies and account management features, we’re proud to introduce an all-new online interface and mobile app!All your transa

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Answer the call from the open road! Our Recreational Vehicle Loan can be used for the purchase, refinance and/or equity cash out of a recreational vehicle (RV). This also includes Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Camper/Tent Trailers, Boats / Boat Trailers, Jet Skis, Aircraft and more. Take

Other Services

Explore more ways Hughes can help PayFast Loan Payment Service PayFast is the easy way to pay your Hughes loan when you're in a hurry. Learn More for PayFast Loan Payment Service Send Money with Zelle Zelle is a convenient way to send money using your mobile banking app or online banking account. Le

What Refinancing Means and Why You Should Do It Today

According to one set of data, there are over 107 MILLION Americans who have a vehicle loan, and of those people over 6 million are late on their payments. If you're one of the 107 million, that means that you were issued an interest rate with your loan, likely based on your credit score and a few o

Love Your Car AND Your Loan

There are few things that feel as rewarding as getting a new vehicle! Often times, vehicle loans are what makes it possible for many Americans to afford the luxury of a new or even used set of wheels. If you’ve been obsessively searching the internet for your new ride check out these financial

Certificate Accounts

A big dream doesn’t have to come with big risk. Certificate Accounts (formerly called Term Share Accounts) offer you higher dividend rates with terms of 6, 12, 24, 29 and 36 months. Whether you have a low or high balance, Hughes can help grow your investment. Certificate Account Minimum b

The Hughes Website: A whole new look with better features.

We get you. That’s why we’ve redesigned with you in mind. Our new site features a more streamlined browsing experience that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, at a faster speed, no matter where you are. Smarter Navigation We’ve uncluttered our m

Here’s How to Find the Right Auto Loan

If you are thinking about purchasing your dream vehicle, you may be considering an auto loan to pay for it. Walking into a car dealership and expecting to haggle your way to a great deal may seem like the best option but we encourage you to consider a better way to find an auto loan. Dealership fina

Make a Loan Payment

How to Pay Your Hughes LoanSelect the appropriate tab below to find the best way to pay your Hughes loan – from another financial institution or from your Hughes checking or savings account. Make a Loan Payment from Another Financial Institution External Transfers in Online & Mobile Bankin

Visa Platinum Card

Take advantage of the savings potential. While some credit cards want you to rack up transactions every month to earn reward points, the Hughes Visa® Platinum Card leaves the gimmicks out of it, giving its holders the savings up front. The Hughes Visa Platinum Card boasts no flashy rewards gam

Self-Care on a Budget

Self-care is "any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control" and if you haven’t noticed, it’s having a huge moment in 2018. Self-care is all about giving yourself the best tools to be your best self, but we can't help but notice that often times it can be

What Can A Credit Union Offer Me That A Big Bank Won’t?

In honor of International Credit Union Day, we wanted to thank our members for helping make our institution the number one choice in Arizona and encourage future members to learn more about the credit union difference. Hughes Federal Credit Union believes that credit unions provide benefits that ban

How to Get Your Finances in Order Before College

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel! College is right around the corner and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to your finances. Check out this list of 4 important steps to take before you head off to college! Submit your FAFSA The Free Application for Federal Stude

Zelle FAQ

WHAT IS ZELLE®?Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money directly between almost any bank accounts in the U.S., typically within minutes1. With just an email address or U.S. mobile phone number, you can send money to people you trust, regardless of where they bank2.Who can I send money to

Choosing to Bank Local: What’s In It For You?

If you’re alive and kicking in 2018, chances are you’ve heard of the going local movement. You’ve seen the commercials and the decals proudly displayed on storefront windows, but what does going local mean for you? Why should you make the switch to a local credit union? Let

Tips for Staying Safe While Shopping Online

Retailers make it easy to skip the crowds and complete most of your holiday shopping with a few clicks of the mouse. But, that convenience can make you vulnerable to fraudsters on the prowl for financial data they can use to fill their own online shopping carts. Fortunately, there are practical stra

7 Financial Hacks for a Prosperous 2020

It’s less than 30 days until the new year, are you unsure of the steps to take to meet your financial goals come January? If only a financial fresh start were as easy as turning the page of a calendar. While your money situation is unlikely to improve overnight, you can take action now to expe

Rising Interest Rates and What They Mean For You

You’ve probably seen the financial headlines announcing that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates. These headlines are either accompanied by devastating or optimistic predictions, which can be confusing. What does this news really mean for you? The prime interest rate is the rate the

Visa Gold Card

For higher credit limits than the VISA® Classic and extensive benefits and services, our Gold Card offers: Up to $500,000 in Common Carrier Travel Insurance Up to $300 Baggage Delay Insurance Emergency Card Replacement Lost Luggage Locator Service Emergency Transportation Assistance Emergency Ti

Opening Your First Checking Account: What You Should Know

Whether you’re heading off to college or starting your first job, a checking account offers a way to manage your money in the short term and build good financial habits that can pay off for years to come. But, before you complete a checking account application, you’ll want to identify th

Your Ultimate Car Shopping Guide

(Make Sure to Cross These Off Your “What to Look For” Checklist) Wouldn’t car shopping be easier if there were a “What to look for” checklist that could steer you towards a vehicle that matches your personality without sideswiping your bank account? The list below does

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