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PayFast Online or By Phone Loan Payments

The perfect payment method for busy people

Now there’s an easier, faster way to make your Hughes Federal Credit Union loan payment. With PayFast, you can make a payment online or by phone with your checking account OR with your Visa debit card at another financial institution.

Use it to pay your Hughes

  • Vehicle Loan
  • Line of Credit
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Summer/Holiday Loan
  • Credit Cards (see details below)

To make a loan payment

You will need your Hughes member number and loan number, as well as the routing number and your checking account number or your Visa debit card from your other financial institution. Please refer to your member statement, loan documentation or loan coupon for your loan number. Follow the instructions provided. There is a $4.95 convenience fee for PayFast. All of our other convenient loan payment methods are still available.

PayFast Sample Check Graphic

To pay by phone, call 866-312-4818.

Make a Payment

To make a credit card payment

To pay your credit card, call 866-820-3941.

Loan payoff information

  • Do not use PayFast to pay off vehicle loans in full because it may result in a 90-day delay in receiving your title.
  • Titles can be received within 10 days of payoff by contacting Hughes Federal Credit Union directly.
  • For questions regarding your member or loan account, please contact Hughes Federal Credit Union by phone or through our secure email form.

Hughes Federal Credit Union is not responsible for payments posted incorrectly due to invalid information.



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