Sep 26, 2017

Save $1000 by the Holidays

save $1000 by the holidays

Think you can't save for next year's holidays? Think again. You'll be shocked at your balance after saving these weekly amounts!

$10/week = $520

For the price of a couple of latte's per week you'll have an extra $520 in your bank account after 52 short weeks! Make the switch easier by adding new ingredients to your brewed at-home cup of joe or ditch the hassle by buying jugs of iced coffee from the grocery store! Another great way to save is by asking your employer to invest in an office Keurig. 

$20/week = $1,040

Women AND men spend a lot of time and money to keep up with their appearances. Replace your bi-monthly manicure with a long lasting at home polish in your favorite color or avoid the dry cleaners by ironing (or steaming!) your own shirts and slacks to save a little extra cash! With your extra savings you will be able to splurge on a new TV or even the newest iPhone. 

$30/week = $1,560

House cleaner? Car wash? DOG WASH?? Minimize these expenses by replacing them with a DIY option. After you vacuum, wash your car and do other household chores for 52 weeks you could be looking at an extra $1,560 in savings. Use these funds for an upgraded kitchen appliance or new mattress to make your house feel even more like the perfect home! 

$40/week = $2,080

Bonding with your coworkers and cohorts can be fun but splitting the bill can really put a damper on your savings budget! Skipping happy hour or requesting split checks (or simply having a rule to ONLY order off the happy hour menu) can help you to put away an additional $40 per week. Do this throughout the year and you could save over $2,000! Pick the right dates and these savings are enough to purchase two round trip tickets to PARIS. 

$50/week = $2,600

recent study shows that the average American spends a little over $3,000 annually in restaurants! For the cost of dinner out once per week you can save $2,600 after only 52 weeks. That savings would be enough for a hefty down payment on a 2017 Ford Focus! Keep your savings going strong to make your monthly payments with ease.  

Hughes Federal Credit Union can help make your savings a reality!

At Hughes we pledge to always help make a positive difference in each our member's financial lives. This includes encouraging savings, and helping you meet your goals. On October 1, Hughes is happy to offer a special savings account called the Holiday Club

Simply sign up for the direct deposit style savings account online or at a branch and start prepping for the next holiday season! Sign up on October 1 and the funds that you save will be transferred back into your checking account on October 1 of the next year. 

Use this "out of sight, out of mind" savings account, and the tips described in this blog post to kick start your savings and help you lead a more financially aware life.